Kanchenjunga Trek – for the extreme hardcore

Let me make this clear up front, this trek is NOT for everyone!

Situated in the remote north- east part of Nepal, the route is deprived of all the casual and luxurious touristy infrastructures.

If you have no prior trekking experience at all, it may be a toughie for you to swallow.

Let me give you the basics of what we are dealing with here:

1)    Trails:

The trails here are rough and comparatively more difficult, with lots of steep uphill and downhill. Few trekkers go there in a bad season (in this case, winter and monsoon) to have hardcore experiences, well, you may join the league too!

2)    Facilities:

The route is in a remote part of Nepal so don’t expect anything fancy. It’s not as developed and the places aren’t easily accessible- perfect for the adventure seekers.

3)    Food:

Get used to eating Dal- Bhat (rice- lentil soup), Chapatti (Flat Bread), Potatoes, Tibetan Bread, Soup, Noodles and Biscuits. The only place that serves great food is in Kambachen, Kangchenjunga Guest House- here, you can even order a Pizza!

Things are extreme here but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to act like Bear Grills in ‘Man Vs. Wild’!

4)    Drink:

A bottle of water (one liter) will range from Rs. 35 to Rs. 80 and a bottle of cold drink (250 ml) from Rs. 70 to Rs 350.

If you want to lower your costs, ask the people at the teahouses to boil the water. You may be a hardcore, but your stomach isn’t. Also, when you have a chance, replace beer with ‘Tongba’ (locally prepared alcohol, served warm).

5)    Teahouses:

Most teahouses only have a few guestrooms with a couple of beds in them. In worst cases; one may even have to sleep on the floor of a poorly ventilated kitchen.

If you’re a hardcore, you shouldn’t have a problem with breathing in the smoky air and having sore eyes and running nose!

Better carry a sleeping bag and a mat just to be on the safe side. Best time to go for teahouse trekking in Kangchenjunga would be either Sept- Nov or April- May.

6)    Getting there:

If you think planes are too safe and easy for you, try the local buses which will take around 20- 24 hours. The drivers here will take the over- crowded buses through roads that are unimaginably narrow (a normal person would think twice before taking a 4 wheel drive on these roads). Hardcore drivers for hardcore passengers!