Bungy: Jumping off a bridge

Jumping off a bridge spanning a 160 meter gorge with a fat elastic cord tied to your ankles would be the cut and dried version of explaining bungee jumping in Nepal. Over a decade in operation and Nepal’s only jump site, this jump site at a place near the Tibet/China border has an impeccable and untarnished safety record, and anyone who has bungeed here will light up with a grin, and gush about the experience if you should ask them how it was!

It’s a unique and incredible experience, standing on the edge of that metal suspension bridge, staring down at the river cutting through the gorge floor 525 feet below you – and then commanding yourself to trust that elastic cord strapped to your leg and jumping! You must throw reason to the wind, embrace that void, and as you jump you feel the all too sudden breathtaking pull of gravity as you fall, and accelerate through the air at shit-I’ma-gonna-die- now speeds.

More specifically, by the time your brain, which the sudden gravitational acceleration of the bridge has caused to be left hanging on the bridge as you jumped now plummets down and catches up with you, the jump is over, and you find a small laugh or cry escapes your lips as you greet your brain and it breathlessly informs you that you are safe(ish), and still attached and yo-yoing on the bungee cord. You have survived.

1. How safe is it? Have there ever been accidents?
In little over 11 years of operation, the bungee site has never had any accident take place on the bridge or on jumps. It’s safe.

2. How do I get here?
The site is located at a place called The Last Resort, a lush resort connected to the road to Tibet by the bridge – it’s the same bridge from where the bungee takes place. The Resort is about 15 kms from the Tibet border and about 110 kms from Kathamndu city. Drive on a bus from Kathmandu takes about 4 hours one way, about 3 in private vehicles. The bungee booking office provides transport included in
your ticket price.

3. How long is the trip?
Usually you set off by bus around 7am, stop for breakfast around 9, reach the bridge by 11am. You will be briefed and divided into groups and let to bridge according to your group, usually one group jumps before lunch, the other after lunch. Lunch is provided by the resort. Buses leave for Kathamndu around and you should be back in town by around 8pm.


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