Top 5 Shopping destinations in Kathmandu

Shopping is my alternative to Red Bull. No matter where I travel, I make it a point to buy something to remind me of that place. I also love checking out the unique products of that place.

Nepal is not so popular as a shopping destination but it is a place where you can find a lot of handicrafts, pashmina shawls and hand made artifacts.

So, here’s top 5 picks for your shopping destination.

1. Thamel

It’s a shopping Mecca for tourists with tiny shops, hotels and lodges aligned at every step. It is the best place to buy trekking gears. Thamel is also popular among the locals for non designer clothes that are comfortable and inspired by the hippie culture. Casual jeans and t shirt, trekking wears and equipment, artifacts, music CDs, bags; well, you say it they have it.

Tourist mainly buy Pashmina Shawls, Khukuris (a nepalese knife), Thangka (a rare painting), silver wears etc. which are local products and you get them cheap comparatively.

When you’re in Thamel put on your bargaining hats. The shopkeepers will be ready to bargain and so should you.

2. King’s Way

King’s way is just few mins walk from Thamel and is one of the posh areas of Kathmandu.

With individual stores for brands like Zara, H&M, Adidas, Reebok and so on, King’s way is the favorite shopping destination for those who are brand conscious. The stores and malls are relatively more expensive than other shopping centers around the city.

Shop for shoes, accessories, clothes or eat while you shop with Pizza Hut and KFC around the corner. A good day is a day at King’s Way!

3. New Road

New Road is an area dedicated to shops. It has a lot of individual stores that sells almost everything you can think of. It is the business hub of the city and you can find anything in the cheapest of price.

The oldest mall Bishal Bazar is located here and it is the shopping destination for all classes of people. It is mainly known for buying gem stones based on astronomy.

Popular among the locals for clothes and accessories it also hosts a lot of restaurants and eateries that are very good.

4. Civil Mall

Considered to be the biggest mall of Nepal, it has a movie theater, two restaurants, an office, shops, food stalls, game and fun zone, mini golf center, bowling alley and an area designed for concerts. You can literally spend a day here without getting bored. It mostly sells branded and expensive items whether its clothes, shoes, accessories or electronics. 

5. Bhatbhateni Super Market and Departmental store

Bhatbhateni is an ultimate shopping destination with 120,000 products from local and international suppliers. You can say, it’s Nepal’s Wall mart. You can find the store in many parts of the city. There are on average 40,000 people visiting Bhatbhateni daily. It is there to make shopping easy and is mainly popular for selling food ingredients that you don’t get in Nepal.

Shopping in Kathmandu is tricky and fun at the same time. You need to know the right place if you’re looking for quality and price advantage. Get an expert with you if want to avoid troubles. Give these places a try. Have a wonderful shopping experience!