Arniko Skateboards: Action Sport Meets Traditional Art!

Arniko Skateboards, founded in 2007 is the brainchild of Marius Arniko Arter, Nepali-born Swiss National, together with his co-manager, James Carson, Australian graphics designer, produce hand-carved skateboards using traditional carving techniques in Nepal. This unique venture employs skills of the local wood-carving artisans and helps to preserve and promote the traditional wood-carving of Nepal in the world.

The skateboards are made from Canadian Maple and local materials combined. These skateboards are unique and of 70′s style, embellished with traditional and distinct designs of their own. The skateboards ooze an extension of artistic flare, giving off classy and cool vibe. This may be why they are not only used for the sport itself but also bought as amazing decorative pieces.

Arniko Skateboards, the first skate shop in the country, can be found at Sagarmatha Bazaar, Mandala Marg in Thamel and there is Arniko Store in Switzerland as well. They also have online shopping for the boards and other merchandises like artsy and stylish t-shirts, hoodies, sport bags and other accessories. They provide shipping service to the international buyers.

Helping local enterprises develop and providing employment to the local artisans with a socially responsible outlook, Arniko Skateboards is leaving a definite mark in the Nepalese society.