Swoyambhunath Stupa

A variety of shrines, a stupa and some temples dating back to the Licchavi period surrounds the hilltop area. The stupa has Lord Buddhra’s eyebrows and eyes pained on it, which can be noticed from far off. The Nepali symbol of unity, which looks like a nose, is pained between the nose and the eyebrows. Although it is a Buddhist temple several Hindu kings have offered their prayers here and it has Hindu temples as well.

Almost all the trees from the base to top are covered with flags of prayers. Tibetans believe when the wind moves the flag the vibration bring happiness and long life. A number of prayer wheels surround the area along with a library with Tibetan books. There are beautiful handicrafts and artificial jewelery shops spread around the area and one of the very places, which still sells reels for the manual camera, although it’s a rip off. Several people are found running around masking themselves as guide, we suggest you pick from the ticket counter below. The admission to the temple is Rs.75.