Pashupatinath Temple

In the 17th century King Bhupendra Malla is belived to anew the temple after it was consumed by termited. There are several countless small temples surrounding the main deity. Vaishnavi temple complex, Guheshwari temple are other known temples around the area. Bhat-Brahmins from Karnataka, South India, perform the daily services since 350 years and drapped in orangey-red clothes living within the temple premise.

Pashupati nath is a large complex dedicated to Lord Shiva who once wandered around the area with goddess Parvati, also his wife. The god’s changed themselves into deer to live peacefully and enjoy the greenery of then forest. The common maintenance has been over looked as the place is now thoroughly commercialized.

Tourists are expected to pay Rs.1000/- to enter the premise of the temple. You can see cremation happening behind the temple from 8 am to midnight and some animal sacrfice occasionally. Enriched with culture and a very interesting place to explore. Hire a guide from a main gate for Rs. 500 to understand all the small details of the place.There are several people who would be happy to help you around with common directions. However, the Sadhus expect to be paid when posing for photographs. There are trees and some very exotic deer around which can be seen only during particular seasons. The temple served as the seat of the national deity in the…