Changu Narayan Temple

Changu Narayan is the name of Vishnu and the temple is dedicated to him. It is believed that in the 17th century a fire ruined temple and it was renovated after that. Some sculptures date back to the Licchavi period’s (4th to the 9th century. The double roofed building is a dedicated to Narayan who is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. The roof depicts tantric deities and is very much in the ancient style of architecture.

Like in every old lordly buiding there is a Garuda kneeling figure in front of the gate dating back from the 5th century.

The statue of Vishnu has a snake around the neck and welcomes you in a Namaste position. Glided windows are guarded by stone lions that looks like on duty 24/7. Non Hindu’s are not allowed in the temple.The dotted courtyard with gems is to be marveled over with images of Vishnu as Narsinga, his man lion incarnation eviscerating the demon. The temple is divided into three sections; one that has works showing the underworld. Another about the world of man and last one showing the final destination- heaven. It is believed the all this was done some 1500 years old.