Birgunj: A Border Town

A border town in the mid south of Nepal, Birgunj is and the closest overland link to India from Kathmandu, and is also a transit point for travelers travelling overland from/to India. It’s a busy truck infested crossing, as most overland commercial traffic coming in from India transit at this border(the adjoining town on the Indian side of the border is called Rauxal). Simrah airport, about 30 minute drive from Birgunj has schedule flights to Kathmandu that take about 15 minutes flying time to get to Kathmandu.


Regular buses and jeeps also ply between Kathmandu and Hitauda, the nearest town of significant size. Buses normally take the route following the main east-west highway, passing through Ctitwan and taking a route that is about 300 kms to Kathamndu. Jeeps from Birgunj to Kathmandu ply at a rather terrifying pace up a newly opened road that brings you to Pharping, a village to the north of Kathmandu valley, and then into Kathmandu in about 5 hours (as compared to 8-9 hours on the other route).

Birgunj is also connected by buses and jeeps to other desitiantions in Nepal including Pokhara, Chitwan and towns to the east. There is an immigration office at the border so visitors can enter and exit from this point, as long as they have valid Indian visas – the town of birgunj however is not a place of general tourist interest.