Top 5 Musical Restaurants & Bars in Thamel, Kathmandu

Good Food Meets Good Music

The moment Thamel’s nightlife starts; you can expect your ears and tongue to get some treat.

Yes, music, drinks and food are the things that make Thamel worth visiting. From upcoming bands to professional musicians, everyone performs in some of the best restaurants and bars in this place. Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk Music, Pop, some originals from the bands and some cover versions of the legends, you get it all. Imagine mouth watering delicious cuisines right in front of you and a live version of your favorite song. Isn’t it a wonderful life?







Places You Might Wanna Check In

Electric Pagoda

A place built with an intention to get people from different parts of the world together with food, cocktails and music! The extensive courtyard, trees, iron tables with umbrellas give this place a different personality. Perfect for people of all ages and nationality, the place serves great food, and music that complements it well. It serves authentic Sonoran Mexican, Continental / Western and Nepali dishes at competitive prices.

Listen to some of the local bands playing while you enjoy your drink. The bands that play here mostly perform soft numbers. So, if you are a romantic couple, a family, or a lover of soft music, then this is the best place for you in Thamel.

Purple Haze

If you are a big fan of Rock music then this is the place for you. Its unique seating arrangement and the stage that is taller than an average person makes this rock bar stand out from the rest. The bar boasts of purple flare in its interior and the food is awessssssssome.


If you are tired of listening to the music on your iPod or want to grab a beer with spicy snacks then head right into this bar. From mouth watering Momos to ‘hard-to-pronounce’ dishes, everything seems to taste better.

Watch the bands play some of the hardcore heavy music while you head bang with your favorite drink or breathe out the flavored smoke of the Hookah.


House of music

The name says it all. It’s definitely a ‘House’ of Music for all the music lovers. The best thing about this place is that they have predefined musical activities for 5 days in a week.

Tuesdays: Karaoke Night
Wednesdays: Open Mic Night
Thursdays: Theme/Audition Night
Fridays: Featured Events
Saturdays: House Band/Jam Session

Sadly, the place remains closed on Mondays. On other days, you can watch the upcoming and underground bands with their acts, while you munch on some of the succulent snacks they offer. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to watch some popular bands from Nepal, live in action.

Apart from enjoying your yummy edibles with some of the best liquors in the house, you can also show your talent here. The place arranges jam session every Saturday after 9 pm. So, if you have it in you then bring your own instrument and unleash the rocker inside you.


Reggae Bar

Fun time and good taste assured. Yes, the moment you enter this live music bar, you know that reggae is in the house. Posters of Bob Marley add life to the whole ambience of the bar. The whole look of the place is nostalgic. Low wooden chairs and tables give this place a unique look.
The bands that play here are definitely inclined to classic rock and reggae music. And guess what, they play the best reggae music in Thamel!

Ask me about food and I would say, luscious. The best and fairly priced dishes are their specialty. From fried potato chips to soups and salads, everything is priced fairly. Try their special ‘The chicken cordon bleu’ at only NRs 300!
Didn’t I say great fun and awesome taste is assured if you head to Reggae Bar?


Shisha Terrace Bar & Restaurant

The smoky place in Thamel. Yes, if you fancy Hookah then Shisha Terrace bar is your destination. They serve variety of sweet flavored ingredients for hookah. You will find most of the crowd out there exhaling sweet smoke like a dragon in its nest. You can enjoy 20 types of Hookah flavor directly imported from Dubai.

They serve almost every cuisine, Continental, Indian, Nepalese, Chinese and many more. And yes, they taste great. Their great food, multi flavored Hookah and drinks (local beer to imported alcohols) are what have helped them thrive in this highly competitive market in Thamel.
The place is too perfect for casual gatherings with your friends.

If you are a big time foodie and wouldn’t mind great music as toppings then I personally recommend you to check out these places in Thamel. I bet you will revisit them again.