Seven Local Cuisines You Must Try Out While You Are in Nepal

Welcome to Kathmandu.

When you’re in Nepal, do as the Nepalese do. Trying to get indulged in the way we eat could be a roller coaster ride for you guys. Food here could be real heavy at times and even so spicy that your taste buds would fail to work. Join me when I take you through the tour- the 7 popular Nepali Delicacies.

1. Dal Bhat – A typical Nepali staple


A perfect combination of Steamed Rice (Bhat)Pulse Soup (Dal)Vegetable Curry (Tarkari) and Pickle (Achar)also served with Curd and Meat. In some places of Nepal, Rice is replaced with Flat Circular Bread (Roti) or Dhido (A meal made by continuously  mixing and stirring flours of grains such as maize, buckwheat, barley, millet in boiling water). A tip that will help you gel well with the locals, try using your hands, instead of a spoon or fork. You’ll thank me once you get to know the difference.

Where can you find it? 

You can find Dal Bhat in the menu of many restaurants in Kathmandu but I recommend you try out this dish in:

Krishnarpan (Dwarika Hotel), Battisputali

Nepali Chulo, Lazimpat

Bhojan Griha, Dillibazar

Bhanchhaghar, Kamaladi .


2. Momo – The most popular dish in Nepal


To make it real easy for you, Momos are very similar to Dumplings. Depending on people both meat and vegetables are used as fillings. One may choose to serve it by either frying, steaming or with spicy sauces. You can get in variety of styles and flavor but Buff Momo is the favorite. No wonder, people here are crazy about it. Pair it with a soft drink; you have a perfect evening snack.

Where can you find it?

In Nepal, you can find Momo everywhere, from street shops to 5 star hotels. But I prefer the following places which you could add in your list of best things to do in Kathmandu:

Nanglo, Jawalakhel

Alina’s, Baneshwor

Bakery Café, New Road

Ghangri, Pulchowk  


3. Sel Roti – The sweetened fried dough ring


 I love to eat these rings especially on Saturday mornings with tea when I have nothing else to do. I take a crispy bite out of it and wonder, “What I would do without you!” Sel Roti looks like a thin puffed doughnut. It is reddish brown in color and has a crispy texture on the outside but soft on the inside. Relax and eat as many as you can, you can even have it packed if you’re not contended.

Where can you find it?

You can find it in local sweet shops.


4. Sekuwa – The Nepalese style barbecued meat

 The long metal sticks that you see here are locally termed as Jhil. I once went to this restaurant that served Sekuwa and my friend devoured 40 Jhils of these mouthwatering, spiced, greased, barbecued, pieces of boneless meat. Need I say anymore? If you are a meat lover and you fail to try this, the god of Non Veg dishes would send you to suffer in hell.

Where can you find it?

You can find many street shops selling Sekuwa in Kathmandu. But my favorite destinations for Sekuwa are:

Palpasa Restaurant & Bar, Lazimpat

Bajeko Sekuwa Restaurant, Anamnagar.


5. Yomari – The sweet traditional bread

I remember eating Yomari as a child. I used to first break a small piece out of these slippery conical structures, dip them in extra sweet syrup also used as a filling for the dish and take a bite/ the short cut to heaven. It is made with rice dough filled with a Nepali sweet “Chaku” made from sugar. The worst thing about it is that you can never ever get enough of it!

Where can you find it?

Yomaris are rare in comparison to other items. But you may find them in the following restaurant:

Village Café, Pulchowk


 6. Chatamari – The Nepali pizza

Chatamari is another popular Newari dish. It is thin rounded shaped bread made out of rice floor and topped with variety of toppings but the popular is with chopped red meat and egg. Take it with a chutney and have it as a snack or meal, you’ll love it.

Where can you find it?

Finding Chatamari is quite easy, a lot of restaurants located in various parts of the town sell them. But to be specific and naming a few:

Votoo, Kupondole

Thamel House Restaurant, Thamel

Bhumi, Lazimpat

Bhoe Chhen, Durbarmarg 


7. Samaybaji – The traditional dish

Samaybaji is an authentic Newari cuisine made mainly in fesivals. A standard of 10 items all authentically prepared, ranging from grains, vegetables, meat, lentil patties and beaten rice all in one. This, as I concluded, is the most diversified dish in the world.

Where can you find it?

You could try the following places if you’re looking for authenticity and as well as luxury:

Votoo, Kupondole

Thamel House Restaurant, Thamel

Bhumi, Lazimpat

Bhoe Chhen, Durbarmarg


Eating in Kathmandu can be overwhelming. You order something and something else comes up, the spice affair and even diversity in delicacies create complication. Well, unless you have something/ someone to guide you. Feel free to ask cause we’re the friendliest people you’ll find around! Bon Appetit!