Nepal Inked – Tattoo and Lifestyle Convention

The three day event, from October 18th to the 20th held at Bhrikuti Mandap, was a place to be if you were into tattoos, piercing, vintage cars and bikes, metal and rock music and non-mainstream lifestyle.

I was waiting for my friends when my eyes caught a bike passing by. A young lady with a yellow helmet with white stripes on a vintage orangish bike, I was like uuu-la-la (if you are that lady and reading this, ‘Call me maybe’). If this was the preview, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

Right on the entrance, you could get custom sprayed t-shirts with your choice of print (pretty cool right?). Entering the exhibition hall I first wanted to check out the vintage bike section. And just as I suspected, there it was, the vintage orange bike I’d seen earlier. I would have liked to look for the lady but I was too aww struck with the vintage Honda bikes on display. I think we stared at those bikes for an hour or so. Let me clear the air, we weren’t high that time.

Moving on, this was a tatoo convention after all and there were artists in different stalls from different countries – Nepal, Poland, Costa Rica, Russia, Australia, France and India (sorry if I missed any). Two of my friends got tattoos from American and Bulgarian artists – Dana and Lenko.

A few stalls were for  t-shirts, piercing, dreadlocks and accessories. I could see girls going fanatic over it. What caught my eyes more was the modern sculptures on display. It did feel like they had deeper meaning but I didn’t get it. But whoever the artist is ‘high five’ dude (and if you’re a girl ‘Call me maybe’ too). There were also going to be body suspension and stunts but I guess they got canceled.

Outside the exhibition hall, it was yet another world. There was live music from local artists like Mukti & Revival, Albatross, X-Mantra, Underside, Horny Monks, Jindabaad, Robin & the New Revolution to name a few. Metal and rock fans, mostly dressed in black, were head banging to the music. I didn’t mind banging my head to couple of songs myself. The food stalls offering different varieties of food were most of the time crowded.

Photo Courtesy: Samir Shrestha

The event also had other things going on like tattoo seminars, competitions, art show, live face sculpturing and live backdrop paintings keeping people busy and interested.

Overall, the convention was pretty cool; amazing tattoos everywhere, vintage bikes and cars, colorful Beatles, blue and white Vespa, cute/pretty/hot/gothic/hipster girls and maybe boys (let me clear the air again, not into boys), delicious-smelling food, live rock and metal music, transformer on sale (for Rs. 50,000 only), and a few hipsters with hip cameras.

Well if you’ve missed the event this year you can always join the next one. The event happens mainly in October. If you have plans to visit Nepal then do check it out.