Yoga and Meditation

Nepal drives its energy from the Himalayas and combined with the nations’ ancient yogic traditions it’s the perfect yoga and meditation destination. The great news about Yoga and Meditation it’s meant for everyone. If you want to just unwind your self you loosen up from a long trek the best way to rejuvenate your body is by a powerful session of yoga. The yoga and meditation centers in Kathmandu will give you a unique experience. The yoga in will support your body and inspire you as well. There is no special skill needed to perform this art. Nor is extreme physical flexibility demanded. The aim or yoga and meditation are to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It brightens and quiets your mind making your visions more broad. As an outcome your body will become more strong and agile and helps considerably with the concentrations power. Some of the best yoga and meditation centers in the country are – Vipashyana Meditation in Nepal The technique is a unadulterated science of intellect and matter. It is also an art of living, an remedy to all the stresses and worries of life. It provides a bottomless band of love, peace and harmony within.


It is believed that Hatha yoga; the most primitive and popular type of yoga has its birthplace in Nepal. Yoga Marks its beginning from Lord Shiva some 8000 years back.

Things to do

If you are visting Nepal specifically for the yoga and meditation there are certain things that needs to be looked into. The things that most of the centres provide are:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Meting you at the airport
  • Transfer to your accommodation
  • Full pre-departure support
  • Local in-country & team support and backup
  • 24-hr emergency support
  • Return transfer to airport