A lifetime experience in the Sukute Beach Resort

If you have been thinking about exploring and touring around Nepal you should not limit your plans to mountains and hiking experiences. This country is full of hidden gems to enjoy a wide range of outdoor adventures such as beach raft and camping in Nepal. The development of beach camps and resorts in Nepal have contributed greatly to this phenomenon. Their service sand locations enchant locals and tourists alike.

To enjoy these adventures, one of the best resorts in Nepal with a great location is the Sukute Beach Resort which is located in Sukute Beach. Also, in the heart of Sukute Beach is the Royal Beach Camp. It’s a facility for Camping in Nepal that gives you the opportunity to plan and book beach raft, kayak and canyoning expeditions with the best and most experienced guides.

Resorts In Nepal At a Glance

For many years, Nepal has developed an extraordinary network of hotels and resorts. It seems that there are all types of them. The mountains and the Himalaya have been the main causes, but little by little other attractions have been arising. Sukute Beach and the development of outdoor sport and adventures are some of those causes. The Sukute Beach Resort took advantage of the beautiful rivers and their location. As the beach raft started to grow, tourists also started to demand better accommodations.

How to Go to Sukute Beach

Despite being locked to the sea, Nepal was privileged with numerous rivers. Their coastlines have turned into wonderful river beaches that combine perfectly with flowing rivers. One of them is Sukute Beach.

This river beach is located amidst the hillsides, just 69 kms and 3 hours driving from Kathmandu, which makes it easy to access. Its location also makes it an ideal destination to enjoy weekends getaways and longer stays for groups, couples and families alike.

The location of Sukute Beach is also perfect for international tourists. Many of them can arrive first to Kathmandu through Royal Nepal Airlines. This airline is based there and operates to many international and national destinations. Once you arrive to Kathmandu it is easy to head it to Sukute Beach.

Roadways are in pretty good shape and there are great offers to rent a vehicle. You can also make the arrangements with the Sukute Beach Resort to take the bus that leaves from its corporate office located in Kathmandu. If you live in Nepal, Royal Nepal Airlines is also the best option to go to Sukute Beach because it has 30 different routes and connections to and from Nepal´s cities and Kathmandu.

The Beach

Although the outdoor activities and the resorts may take your initial attention, in Sukute Beach the beach itself is one of the main attractions. White waters and white sand surrounded by hills create a dream combination to attract a wide range of visitors. Many tourists go there just to lay down and take sunbaths while reading a book or simply rest and relax. Others play their favorite music and many take the opportunity to install volleyball nets to enjoy during the day.

When you stay at the Sukute Beach Resort you may decide between going for the extreme adventure of the river or enjoying a full day of relax in front of the beach. If you stay enough time, you may enjoy both sides of Sukute Beach to get the best of it.

An Overview of the Sukute Beach Resort

Resort is an extraordinary facility that allows you to enjoy the best of Sukute Beach. It offers all the comfort that you need to enjoy the zone, but it also respects the destination as it is completely integrated into the mother nature. The Sukute Beach Resort is surrounded by exuberant plants and hills and green is everywhere. The views to the mountains are breath-taking and part of the river runs amidst the resort.

Despite being integrated into the mother nature, in the Sukute Beach Resort you can also find all the modern means to have fun. A swimming pool, a recreation room with pool tables and a table tennis board. A recreation room with a restaurant, lounge and a bar complete the experience. It is common that visitors from
different parts of the world gather around those areas and have incredible fun.

What to do in Sukute Beach

Sukute Beachis a terrific place for outdoor adventures. Although beach raft is one of the most popular activities, there also many other options. Some of them include:

Kayaking: in the Royal Beach Camp you can take courses with the best instructors. After completing the course, you would be taken to river running trips to practice your new skills. The fun is also guaranteed!

Canyoning: this is an extreme adventure for the bravest. Instructors know specific waterfalls where you can hang on a vertical cliff while you receive tons of water over your head. It is a unique experience.

Camping in Nepal: Sukete Beach is a great place for camping. There are many camps around the beach and they are prepared with tents and all the necessary implements. If you plan ahead your visit to Sukute
Beach, you can book 2 or 3 days expeditions for beach raft which include camping in the riverside.

In addition to all the above, you can also practice yoga, take long walks, run, play tennis and volleyball, and ultimately enjoy the beach and the white sands. During the night you can be part of a bonfire in the Sukute Beach Resort or go the bar to have delicious drinks. The restaurants are also a great option as they offer local food served in natural ways.

How to Find the Best Beach Raft?

If you want to beach raft, the location of Sukute Beach next to the Bhote Kosi riverside allows you to jump into the numerous boats and expeditions that the Royal Beach Campoffers. The Bhote Kosi is one of
the wildest rivers in Nepal. At first, its white water may fool you and make you to believe it is easy to beach raft there. However, it has very strong streams and has continuous ups and downs through waterfalls and bends of all sizes. This grade of difficulty can only be overcome by experts.

Camping on The Beach

If you want to go camping in Nepal, Sukute Beach offers you an exuberant landscape, magnificent
views to the hills and great weather.  The whole place is an adventure camp and you can enjoy BBQ´s, sunbathing, staring at the stars, watch the spectacular sunset, walking and much more. It is an ideal place for family reunions, celebrations, vacations and more.

At first, camping in Nepal may sound as a very extreme activity. However, places like the Sukute  Beach Resort and the Royal Beach Camp will make you change that point of view. They both offer all the facilities and equipment to make your trip perfect. Although you may experience outdoor adventures, you will always be using the best tools. At the end of the day you will have fresh water, fresh food and all the facilities to
rest and get ready for the next day.

Sukute Beach is currently one of the most visited places in Nepal. The youth of the country seeks to go there and it has given the place an extraordinary vibe.

On Your Way to Sukute Beach Resort

If you are out of Kathmandu it might be time to book a flight in Royal Nepal Airlines. It doesn´t matter if you are in Nepal or another country. Royal Nepal Airlines has flight connectionsin many countries around the world. The next step is to make your reservations at the Sukute Beach Resort. If you are trying to decide
whether to beach raft, kayaking or canyoning, it would be a good time to contact Royal Beach Camp. In Sukute Beach Resort you will find all you need. You will only have to worry for enjoying the outdoor adventures, learn to beach raft, kayaking or canyoning and relax.