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A possible overland entry point from India (Lucknow nearest significant Indian city), Nepalgunj is not a tourist destination but it is a town that has an airport (6kms north of main town) that is connected by regular flights with Kathamudu.  This makes it the favored starting point for treks into West-nepal, with most remote areas flights, including dolpa, Rara, simikot being serviced from here, or from Surkher airport, another 4 hours drove to the North. The town is also the closest airport to Bardia National Park, which is about 2 hours drive away from Nepalgunj. If flying out on remote area flights originating from Nepalgunj, its worth staying in the vicinity of the airport as transport early morning can be hard to find from town proper. The standards of rooms in the airport area range from liveable to grotty, but being close to the airport means you can walk to the terminal in the morning, and greatly increase your chances of being on a flight to the remote airstrip you may be heading to.  Flights are more irregular than not, seats at a premium, come early and be ready for wheedling or for a scrum to get on board! Schedule flights to Kathamndu are on the other hand quite easy to get on.  Nepalgunj town has a number of decent modern hotels, but the town itself does not offer much entertainment possibilities. It is also a base for INGO/NGO’s working in…

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