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The undercurrent of Buddhism runs throughout the religious system of the country during the entire history originated at an early date. It is recorded that in the 3rd cent. BC. the Mauryan emperor of India, Ashoka made a pilgrimage of Nepal and commemorated this event by the foundation of innumerable stupas and pillars (stand) as a token of his success in bringing the inhabitants into the Buddhist fold. Lumbini was lost in oblivion until it was discovered by the German Archaeologist Dr. Fuhrer wandering in the foothills of Churia (Siwalik) range and the Ashokan pillar presented the first epigraphic evidence relating to the life history of Lord Buddha and is the most visible landmark of the sacred garden. The historic importance of the pillar is evidenced by the inscription engraved in the Ashokan pillar (in Brahmi script). The Nativity Sculpture and Nativity cult are also important edifices relating to birth of Lord Buddha. The ultimate objective of the plan is to create an atmosphere of spirituality, peace and universal brotherhood and non-violence consistent with the time as well as to convey Buddha’s message to the world. Here, the Sacred Garden is seen as a crux for Lumbini as a Buddhist religious centre. The Master Plan, oriented north-south, envisages three main elements in the future development of Lumbini – 1) The Lumbini village, 2) The Monastic…

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