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Kakani is a sleepy settlement some 25 kms from Kathmandu, in a quiet corner of Nuwakot. Standing at 2073 meters above sea level, Kakani has what can be considered a somewhat unfair reputation as a picnic spot. Because Kakani is more than that, more than just a scenic spot to have your packed lunch and a game of badminton. It is a destination. It offers imposing views of the Himalayas, stretching from Ganesh Himal to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range. Rhododendrons grow untamed in the jungle, turning the hills picturesque with their bright blooms in late winter and early summer. These lush alpine hills enchant you and you often find yourself pausing to listen to bird songs and wind whistling through the woo.

Kakani also houses a memorial park dedicated to the 113 onboard the doomed Thai Airways International flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu on 31 July, 1992. A century old summer villa used by the British Embassy also makes for an interesting turn. Arguably the real treat here is the trout farms where you can catch and cook your own fish. Gobble down the delectable bites with a bottle of locally made strawberry wine and you have your Kakani experience wrapped.

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