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Dattatreya Square

The Dattatreya Square is where the royals resided until the 15th century. Even to this day, one finds this Square sprinkled with traces of the time-ridden architecture including old residential houses resembling the palaces in its wood and stoneworks. Located in the Tachupal Tole, the square is one of the oldes tin Bhaktapur. It graciously flaunts two museums of bronze and woodcarving but the square is widely known for the temple that is it's namesake Dattatreya Temple. Towards southeast of the Square, one finds the testemonial of one of the best woodwork in the valley the peacoock window perched on the first floor of the Pujari Math. The three storeyed monument is famously believed to bebuilt with the timber from a single tree. Opposite the temple, one will see the Garuda, the ride of Lord Vishnu seated on a tall pillar, obviously paying homage to the deity inside, who is generally believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A smaller column features a conch shell next to it. The southwest corner of the temple has a large bell  and two statues of Jaya and Phatta Malla, the legendary wrestlers of Bhaktapur. The Square harbors numerous temples in and around it. Near the Dattatreya Square is the Wakupati Narayan Temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the two-storied structure is a unique specimen of pagoda architecture. Opposite the Dattatreya Temple, is…

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