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Located at a height of 1030m, Bandipur offers unique view of Himalayan range and hills with its terrace fields. As you enter Bandipur, you are suddenly transformed to a serene environment that is rejuvenating yet exciting. Due to diversity of ethnic groups living in Bandipur, it celebrates a wide variety of feasts and festivals. Among which the festival of Khadga Devi is widely celebrated. Traditional dances are also popular in Bandipur. The most popular dance is Chutka mainly performed by Gurung girls in traditional dresses while men sing along the tambourine. Other popular dances are Sorathi and Ghatu. Ghatu is performed in Baishak Purnima where unmarried girls dance to the songs of married women. Besides cultural experience, various activities await you in Bandipur. The Newar community lives in the main Bandipur Bazaar while the original Magar and other ethnic groups live in surrounding hills.

Bandipur is also a gateway to the famous Annapurna trek. With a wide variety of guest houses, hotels and human resource including guides, Banidipur proves to be one of the most potent touristic areas.

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