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Ultimate go to place of Nepal
Buddhist mecca
Undisturbed area of Terai Region
A pie in the sky
Beautiful picturesque lake
Alluring city of gods
Place of salvation
Nepal's cultural gem
Mecca of all daredevils
Dedicated to mountain watchers
Delightful hilltop town
City of feasts and festivals
An undeniable attraction
Pristine destination
Histological point for pilgrims
Most historical town of Nepal
A romantic medieval hill town
Peaceful ambiance
Beauty in the rough
Popular hill station
Hidden Himalaya
Dream-like village
Living institution of customs and culture
Popular resting place
Business and tourism hub of western Nepal
Gateway to Nepal
Industrial state of Nepal

Temples & Monuments

Temple of living beings
Place of solace and satisfaction
Oasis of spiritual calmness
Sanctuary of divineness
Place of salvation
Social, religious and urban focal point of Kathmandu
Architectural centerpiece
Best specimen of stone, wood, and metal craft
Beautiful picturesque lake
Minaret like tower
Historic palace with superb views over the palace and the city from the top
Lord Vishnu lying on a bed of snakes
Legacy of traditional architecture
Lively forum for cultural connoisseurs
Vital hub of religious fervor
A low-profile natural wonder
Place of peace and serenity
Epitome of culture, religion, history and faith of Kathmandu valley
Apt reflection of Newari craftsmanship

National Parks

Sanctuary for nature lovers
Largest and most undisturbed wilderness area
Smallest national park with the biggest Rara lake