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Tamang Heritage Trail

This trek takes you to the Langtang region of Nepal, north of the capital city of Kathmandu, and offers an immersive cultural experience, as well as outstanding views of high Himalayan mountain. Tamangs are the hardy ethnic group that lives in the Langtang region, as well as in other mountainous regions of Nepal. They have a unique and rich culture and are usually Buddhist or practice Shamanism, and most make a living farming or through animal husbandry. The Tamang Heritage trail is a trek that takes you through a number of settlements where these communities live, while also taking you to a high mountain ridge at Nagthali, from where you get breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks of Langtang, Ganesh Himal and peaks in bordering Tibet.

In fact, you can actually see villages in Tibet from Nagthali! This trek makes a loop, connecting several villages, each of which you will get to stay in. We will be staying in the homes of people as paying guests, and every day of your trek, you will experience the ways of life of these people and communities. It's a fascinating journey, and we will experience local hospitality and charm, and by the end of it all, maybe even gain a few friends on the Tamang heritage trail!
Alethea Van Dun
24th May 2012

Delightful Glimpse into Tamang Culture

Staying as a paying guest with the Tamang family was an excellent choice which paid me with a good learning opportunity. During my trip the guide was admirable and spoke fluent English so I could talk with the locals and get perfect insight into their rich culture and lifestyle. Adding more to it was the cultural dance that was so rich and ethic. The hospitality of the people was phenomenal where their bright smiles and open heart made me feel at home. To sum it up the experience was adventurous yet exciting.

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Yoon Ji Woo
18th Apr 2012

Wilderness Experience via Beautiful Landscapes

I thoroughly enjoyed 12 days trek in Langtang region. Passing the charming villages, terraced fields and peaceful valleys, I explored the Tamang and Tibetan culture amidst spectacular Himalayan scenery. A gentle walk amidst the peaceful valleys, allowed me to discover the ancient lifestyle and customs of the Tamangs. Best home cooked meals added exhilaration to my trekking. One thing I can assure you is you may not find the best of luxury but you will certainly have a one hell of an experience that is soothing as well as exciting.

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Duration: 12 Days
Trip Cost: Starting from USD 832.02
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Highest point: Nagthali (3,165m)

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