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Nepal Sightseeing Tour 2 (Deluxe)

The ancient temples and mountains, local hospitality of Nepali people and panoramic view of landscape and great Himalayas make this sightseeing tour the most memorable one. The trip begins with visiting two World Heritage Sites: Pahupatinath- the most sacred Hindu Shrine and Boudhanath- the focal point of Buddhism, and then we drive to Nagarkot to observe sunrise and sunset views along with majestic peaks of the Himalayas including Mount Everest. On the third day, we drive via small beautiful town of Panauti to Dhulikhel to get a panoramic view of the Himalayas from east to west.

For two days, we stay in Pokhara, the most picturesque spot of Nepal, and take a sightseeing tour of lovely lakes, ancient monuments and temples. Pokhara offers a magnificent view of Himalayas. We depart Pokhara for Jomsom and go for Muktinath Darshan-the holy shrine for Hindus and Buddhists. A day tour at Kathmandu allows us to visit Naryanhiti Palace Museum- the former palace of Kings of Nepal and Bhimsen tower- a nine storey tall tower at the center of Katmandu. Naryanhiti Palace is now open for all visitors which showcase the belongings of former kings, diamond-studded crown and the wardrobes of the former royals.
Yasmin Kassem
21st May 2013

Don't Miss This

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, I enjoyed the real boon of nature in Nepal. The awe inspiring majesty and beauty of dramatic mountain views and early sunrise view at Nagarkot is the most mesmerizing panorama. Despite being an atheist, visiting Muktinath is the main highlight of my Nepal trip as it allowed me to walk amidst barren valley and lofty Himalayan Ranges, and gave me an opportunity to learn about Himalayan culture and people.

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Kari Tasovac
22nd Feb 2012

Great Experience

Nepal tour was one of the best experiences of my life. We took a walk via the narrow streets of Kathmandu and observed the timeless cultural and artistic heritages. We explored the streets at dawn and dusk, when they are at their most magical and had the sublime view of Himalayas. After visiting all the magical sights of Pokhara, we headed out to the old town of Pokhara, north of the bustling Mahendra Pul and interacted with the local people.

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Duration: 9 Days
Trip Cost: Starting from USD 0.00
Difficulty Level: Easy
Highest point: Muktinath (3760m)

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