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Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

In this 8 days tour, we take you deep into ancient religious and cultural life of Nepali people based on Hinduism-one of the oldest religions of the world. We visit innumerable temples and monuments that demonstrate the perfect blend of modern and antique Hindu architectural designs. We take you to the holiest Hindu temples from Pashupatinath- the most sacred Hindu shrine of Lord Shiva to Buddhanilkantha-the temple of god Bishnu reclining on the coils of a cosmic serpent, from Dakshinkali- popular Hindu worship place dedicated to goddess Kali to Pagoda Style Changu Narayan Temple.

You can observe artistic sense and excellence of traditional artists and sculptors reflected via wood, metal and stone carvings in these temples and get spiritual ecstasy. We take a tour of all three Durbar Squares: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square that replicate the plentiful and astonishingly distinctive structures in the world. On the sixth day, we fly to Janakpur, a popular pilgrimage spot and birth place of Sita- the heroine of the epic,' Ramayana' to visit Janaki temple. The trip to Manakamana in modern cable car may fulfill all your unfulfilled wishes as it is the temple of wish fulfilling deity.
Shanti Chaudhary
8th May 2012

Lord of Living Beings

As a Hindu, visiting Pashupatinath was on the top of my do list. The experience was overwhelming as the temple open early morning. It was Monday so there was a queue and we had to wait for hours just to get one glimpse. No matter what people say this shrine has a godly presence. The overall environment was so addictive and clean that you feel the presence of god everywhere. I didn’t even want to return as my spiritual hunger was not satisfied and I just wanted to be there. For a while I sat down on a quiet spot of Bankali and meditated for solace and satisfaction.

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Subash Chand
17th Apr 2012

Holy Hindu Temples

I experienced the heart and soul of Nepal’s ancient Hindu religious culture. From the sacred shrine of Pashupatinath to the giant statue of the Lord Vishnu, every pilgrimage site is pious and has the myth of its own. Devotees were holding different kinds of offerings, rice, orange, dye, and flowers and standing on a queue to enter into the temple gate, which really amazed me, but like said cultural heritage and traditions lies in its practice which seemed more practical here. Though I didn’t stand on a queue, I visited the temple area and prayed for peace and harmony. It was a great spiritual experience.

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Duration: 8 Days
Trip Cost: Starting from USD 1,118.95
Difficulty Level: Easy
Highest point: Dakshinkali (1, 653m)

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