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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that involves ascending rock faces of various levels of difficulty either climbing aids like ascending devices, often using safety gear like ropes, harnesses and anchor points, and sometimes, using climbing with nothing but ones skill and mental strength. At advanced levels it requires tremendous skill, mental strength and flawless technique. At a novice level, it offers thrills and often a sense of achievement in making it to the top of a climb. It’s an activity as outdoor as it gets, and when conducted under the right guidance and with proper equipment and usage, it’s a safe sport and a great way to experience the outdoors. With Nepal already a coveted destination for mountaineering, it is not surprising that it is also quite an ideal place for rock climbing. Kathmandu alone has about three independent artificial climbing walls where you will find instructors to take you through the rudiments of rock climbing in a safe controlled environment, and will provide all the gear you will need during the climb. A number of companies also offer short day excursions to natural rock faces with pre set routes outside of Kathmandu valley. If you are a climber and have your own equipment and come here to climb, the choices you have are limitless, but to access some good climbing areas like Langtang/Khumbu, you will need to trek in and trek out,…

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