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Imagine this. A fast-flowing serpentine river, cutting its way through deep valleys and gorges that ring with the sound of birdcalls. It froths angrily around boulders that obstruct its flow, furiously churning and turning into a wild whirlpool of giant waves crashing into everything in its path. Now consider this; you could be the one in its path. Strapped in a shield of life-jacket with a paddle as your only weapon, you could take on this monster with the help of an experienced outfit.  Our tiny Himalayan kingdom is a haven for such adventures in the water, the only requisite being courage and a penchant for adventure. Rafting in Nepal is a personalised experience; there are varied options in routes, duration and difficulty. From an easy day-trip to the Trishuli to a challenging 10 day tour of the east in the Tamur River, a minimal outfit with only the essential staff to a luxurious safari-style experience with enough staff to address all your needs, a comfortable glide through flat sections interspersed with class 2-3 rapids to a dangerous undertaking of relentless succession of class 4-5 rapids; you can tailor this experience to your need and capability. Day-trips and 1-2 days of rafting being ideal for beginners where you are initiated to the sport of rafting, get accustomed to being in the water and experience the interesting sights of local culture, nature and…

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