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High Ropes

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Now doesn’t that ring oh so true, when you are buried in work having gone ages without a decent break to recharge?  The Last Resort has come up with just the right remedy for your woes. All it will take is some convincing the boss that this is absolutely critical to the team’s morale and ability to hit next month’s sales target. Note. Emotional guilt-tripping or gentle blackmailing has been proven effective in the past. Once the hard part is over, jump in your mode of transport, get to the resort and you are off on your adventure. An artery of wobbly bridges, walkways, ladders, cargo nets, zip-lines and abseils, High Ropes demands to be taken on. You confront the course in pairs where you will have to trust and rely on each other to successfully complete the course. There are 8 stations in total to get through and each station presents a new challenge. The trickier ones like the Nepali Taxi and Bagmati River Crossing require strength, balance and decorum. After all it wouldn’t be so funny if you laughed your way out of the game. Accepted world over as one of the most effective team-building exercise, High Ropes can be the icebreaker between colleagues, junior and senior employees, new starters and old farts. It can also be a tool to encouraging risk-taking, facing fears and personal development. But…

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