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The mountainous regions are inhabited by the Tibetans who have migrated into Nepal called “Bhotiyas”, also Nepalese sherpas and Lobas. The hilly region is occupied more by the Newars, the first to make it into Kathmandu, Bahuns and Chhetri . Furthermore, the terai region has mostly been occupied by the “Madheshi’s”, migrants from India who live in Nepal, and Tharus.  

Besides religion and geographical constraints, there are also other cultures that might seem baffling to foreigners. As an underdeveloped country, most of Nepal is still rural and under developed. Ancient religious practices are still under full swing in these areas, child marriage, even though illegal, is still practiced in some cultures. A woman not wanting to have a baby is almost unheard of in these areas, in fact other woman would pity a childless woman. Besides such customs, Festivals and auspicious occasions such as marriages are considered of most importance here. Dashain is the main festival in the country, and the whole country celebrates the festival for about a month (including tihar). It is a festival that is most looked forward to. Nepalese are also respectful people, don’t be surprised if they look uncomfortable shaking hands, Nepalese are most accustomed to the greeting “Namaste” which is much more respectful.

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