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Buddha Tours

For any Buddhist tourist, a journey to Nepal enhances their appreciation for its principles, beliefs and philosophies. Some of the most memorable Buddhist sojourn in Nepal are Kapilvastu, Lumbini, Soyambhunath, Boudanath , Kopan Gompa and Seto Gompa. Kapilvastu located in the Lumbini Zone witnessed the childhood and early family life of the Buddha in the royal palace. It was in Kapilvastu where the young prince Siddhartha saw pain, sorrow, disease and death which disturbed him and led him to abandon his life. Twelve years later he attained enlightment and came back to his home as Buddha rather than prince Siddhartha. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and one of the major holy places for all the Buddhists around the world. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. An important part of Lumbini is the temple of Maya Devi. This temple has a stone image of Maya Devi giving birth to Lord Buddha as she holds onto a branch. Soyambhunath and Boudanath located in Kathmandu are important Buddhist shrines. Soyambhunath also known as “Monkey Temple” is one of the world’s most glorious Buddhist Chaityas and situated on the hillock from where one can get a spectacular view of entire Kathmandu city. The area surrounding the temple is filled with chaityas, temples, painted images of deities and numerous shops selling Buddhist artifacts. Boudanath…

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